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Drafting & Advising Business Contracts

A Good Drafter 

To draft a contract well, a drafter must know the rules of good writing and more. Among other things, a drafter must:
  • understand the business deal
  • know how to use the contract concepts to reflect the parties’ deal accurately; and 
  • be able to draft and recognize nuances in language that change the deal. 
In addition, a good drafter knows how to add value to a deal by discerning and resolving business issues.

Our lawyers welcome your instructions to prepare the following types of contracts and give legal advice to you:
  • incorporation of Hong Kong or off-shore corporations
  • shareholders' agreements
  • corporate secretarial matters
  • partnership agreements
  • transfer of business or chattels
  • director's share option schemes
  • employment contracts
  • corporate re-structuring
  • joint ventures or cooperation agreements
  • buy back arrangements
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • corporate rescue and insolvency/liquidations
  • manufacturing agreements
  • distributorship agreements
  • franchising agreements
  • licensing contracts
  • technology contracts
  • deregistration of companies and their re-activation
  • intellectual property rights protection and advancement
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