Deed Poll, Change of Name

Deed Poll, Change of Name

You need a ‘deed poll’ to apply for or to change official documents like your Hong Kong identity card, passport or driving licence.

What is a deed poll ?
A deed poll is a legal document that proves a change of name. You can change any part, add or remove names and hyphens, or change spelling. Sometimes, a deed poll is called "change of name" deed.

You must be 18 or over to make a deed poll.

There are extra rules about changing a child’s name. A parent with the child's custody right can change a child's name However, if a child changes his/her surname, the father must consent by signing on the deed poll.

Our deed poll fee

HK$500 only. Speedy same-day or immediate deed poll service is available. The deed poll will be witnessed by our solicitor. If you requires witnessing by a Notary Public, the charge differs and if notarisation is required, please call 6888-9999 (Miss Law, our notary assistant) English/Cantonese.

To know more about our deed poll/change of name service, please also visit our deed poll Chinese website
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